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Our Value System Since 1969

Working Together means:

  • Treating everyone with mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Being honest and ethical in all activities.
  • Personally sacrificing for the benefit of the Team.
  • Open, honest feedback on behavior and performance.
  • Have a Positive Mental Attitude.

Growing Together means:

  • Continuous self-renewal and self-improvement – spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • Opportunities to learn, take risks, and succeed or fail.
  • Creatively solving problems and pursuing opportunities.
  • Willingness to leave our comfort zones.
  • Selecting top talent to join the Team.

Winning Together means:

  • Exceeding our customer’s expectations every single day.
  • Partnering with our suppliers.
  • Creating synergy within all parts of the Team.
  • Sharing in Team profits and success.
  • Having a fun and enjoyable quality of life.

We believe that our Value System is a crucial part of our relationship with you!

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