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Team Horner® Sustainability Policy

Team Horner® believes that a sustainable business is dependent on a proactive commitment to the development of business practices which improve environmental protection through the manufacture and distribution of environmentally sound and energy efficient products. Our sustainability strategy is based on offering our customers a competitive advantage, more efficient production processes and reduction of waste and toxic substances.


Team Horner® provides both manufacturing and distribution of swimming pool equipment and accessories. Manufacturing consists of three distinct product lines: AquaCal® Heat Pumps, AutoPilot® Chlorine Generators and Lo-Chlor® Pool Chemicals. AquaCal® Heat Pumps and AutoPilot® Chlorine Generators are manufactured in St. Petersburg, Florida while the Lo-Chlor® Chemical plant is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The distribution arm of Team Horner® is a group of branches located across the state of Florida under the name of HornerXpress®. In addition, HornerXpress® Worldwide maintains a strong industry leadership role internationally servicing over 90 countries.

While there is a large variety of products and services being manufactured and sold, our value system is strong throughout the organization. A culture based on “Working Together, Growing Together, and Winning Together” is a crucial part of our organization’s long term growth and prosperity. All employees are committed to engaging in ethical and social business practices to raise the level of professionalism throughout the organization and the swimming pool industry. Team Horner® has a strong education program for employees as well as their customers in an effort to inform as well as continually train on newer equipment technologies and business practices.

Because of the diversity of functions within this organization, the creation of a sustainability plan is multi-faceted. While each division will have a distinct, separate sustainability strategy, the overall goal of Team Horner® will be to manufacture and distribute products which are Eco-friendly; environmentally sound and energy efficient. The overall plan will be to increase the awareness of environmental issues; implement procedures to reduce energy consumption; initiate research and development of additional energy-efficient products; reinforce the value of safety in each workplace; and partner with suppliers along the value chain who share the same commitment of implementation of sustainable policies.

Sustainability Policy

Team Horner® has been proactive in the development of energy efficient equipment for the swimming pool consumer. Respecting the environment has been enhanced through internal management of resources. With an approved, written sustainability policy, the organization can move into the future with tangible, measurable and quantitative assessments.The Sustainability Policy will be based on ten principals.

  1. Sustainability will be at the core of all corporate strategies.
  2. Manufacture and distribute environmentally friendly equipment.
  3. Protect the environment and conserve resources.
  4. Develop quantifying data to track sustainability improvements.
  5. Conduct audits to ensure best sustainable practices are being implemented.
  6. Promote safety, health and environmental protection of all employees.
  7. Employee development and long-term training
  8. Customer education programs to stimulate green initiatives.
  9. Develop supply chain partnerships who share same values
  10. Abide by State, Federal and International Energy and Environmental Regulations
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