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How Can Marketing Help Increase My Business? 


At Team Horner Marketing, we have a mission: “We don’t just help customers save money, we help customers make money.” We begin every day with an earnest commitment to help our customers save more money, and earn more revenue, than the day before.  We achieve this, day after day, by looking for every opportunity to help our customers market their products and services as economically as possible. Of course, with every opportunity comes the challenges of making the most of it, but we would not have it any other way.


Let us tell you how our professional marketing services can help promote your business, and how to achieve an effective business presence on the Web, to grow your bottom line.


Website Development

Having a responsive, mobile-ready website for your business is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Your best salesperson works eight hours a day, but a well-designed website sells for you 24 hours a day, providing information about your products and services to customers who are looking to buy.  


But an effective website is more than a page full of words and pictures. To reach your target market, to get their attention, and to compel them to do business with you requires more. It requires powerful marketing and writing skills, and knowledge of how to present content in the most effective way. We have found the blog format to be among the most effective way of marketing, and we have become experts at tailoring client's messages for the blog format. To see some samples of web content and blogging, we invite you to visit the blog sections on a couple of our websites: AquaCal and AutoPilot.


For most of your prospective customers, your website will form their first impression of your business.

By partnering with the correct web developer, you can be assured that your customers' first impression will represent the message you want to convey. They should work closely with you to create a site that has the look you want, easy navigation, and the effective content you need.


Direct Mail

Even in today’s Internet-driven marketing environment, direct mailing is still a viable, effective way of marketing your business. There are services available that, for a low fee, will mail your fliers and post cards to the target areas of your choosing. Team Horner Marketing can help you by doing an in-depth analysis of the area. We can make sure you get the most out of every marketing dollar by seeing that your marketing materials reach the correct target market for your business. We also offer design, printing, and mailing services.


A Complete Package

Let our marketing experts help you to get your information into the right hands. From market analysis to creative design to designing to distribution, we've got you covered.


Team Horner Marketing can develop a complete marketing package for your business, including printed promotional materials, and direct mail campaigns. The way we see it, one more would-be customer is one too many to lose.

If you are interested in discussing your marketing needs, we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the different options and programs we offer. You can contact us at, or leave your comments and questions below.

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