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CPO (Certified Pool/Spa Operator) - National Swimming Pool Foundation

The world's most recognized pool and spa training program, it is required for operators of pools that are open to the public. The CPO course is also open to professionals interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of pool balance and equipment function. NSPF Website

Phone: 800.794.6788

Instructor: Laura Castanza

AutoPilot Chlorinators and AquaCal Heat Pump Training

Our instructors have over 10 years of field experience. You name it; we’ve seen it and fixed it. Let us show you how! Experience hands on training to troubleshoot chlorinators using practical and proven methods and understand how each component of a heat pump works.

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Team Horner Pool School

Team Horner™ Pool School is a fun-filled, educational, networking event with dynamic presenters and timely topics.  Bringing together swimming pool and outdoor design professionals from all over the world in all segments of the industry, encompassing manufacturers, builders, design, service and retail.

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