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CrystalWorX is a new and UNIQUE superior pool finish that is infinitely customizable. With 17 base colors and a soothing textured finish, CrystalWorX is the "jewel in your pool".

CrystalWorX is DISTINCT in that its colors are from natural organic elements such as pearly shells, gleaming pebbles, sparkling quartz and shimmering crystals.

Natural elements in CrystalWorX will not bleach or fade, holding their hues for centuries. The adhesion created by the patented PozziBond additive creates superior hold, greatly improving workability at application. CrystalWorX is so DURABLE, it carries a lifetime warranty!

Opulent effects and premium ingredients make CrystalWorX highly RESILIENT. With a stellar pallet of colors using nature's most enduring elements, CrystalWorX is naturally more resistant to chemical erosion and fading.

Natural elements blend in harmony to make CrystalWorX a SUPERIOR pool finish. Pearly pebbles produce a pleasing texture that is as easy on the skin as it is on the eyes. Thoroughly tested for results and reliability, the time-resistant beauty of CrystalWorX will be forever a source of pride.

CUSTOMIZE your CrystalWorX pool with your choice of quartz color combinations, pebble textures or the optional addition of glass drops or iridescent abalone radiance elements. Make the "jewel in your pool" uniquely your own!

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